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The “Game Recognize Game Compilation Contest” is an innovative initiative by G.A.M.E to discover and promote new musical talents through a nationwide search. It aims to compile a groundbreaking album featuring 10 new artists alongside established names, offering exposure and profit-sharing from album and NFT sales. The campaign culminates in selecting a flagship artist for the label, revolutionizing artist discovery and community engagement in the music industry. This is a pivotal first step in defining the label’s identity and future direction.

Step into the Spotlight:The "Game Recognize Game"Competition

Welcome to the forefront of musical revolution with Guerrilla Arts Music & Empowerment (G.A.M.E) — where we’re not just changing the game; we’re redefining it. Our “Game Recognize Game” competition is a groundbreaking opportunity for artists ready to make their mark in the music industry and be part of a movement that values innovation, empowerment, and community impact.

Empowerment at Its Core:

Secure your place in a competition that offers more than just exposure. With equitable deals promising a 50% revenue share and comprehensive support, we empower your talent and vision.

Work with Industry Legends:

Elevate your music with unmatched production quality. Finalists will collaborate with gold and platinum-certified producers and engineers, ensuring your sound is nothing short of extraordinary.

Fan Engagement Like Never Before:

Our unique token-based incentives allow fans to earn alongside their favorite artists, creating a community of shared success and deeper artist-fan connections.

Make a Difference:

Participating in “Game Recognize Game” means joining a label committed to making a positive impact, supporting at-risk communities, and fostering creativity and financial empowerment through education in music, art, and blockchain technology.

Our Mission: Empowering Artists, Engaging Fans, and Enriching Communities

At Guerrilla Arts Music & Empowerment (G.A.M.E), we stand at the vanguard of revolutionizing the music industry, with a commitment that transcends the traditional boundaries between artists and fans. Our mission is built on a foundation of empowerment, innovation, and community impact.

We aim to create a groundbreaking platform where artists are not just signed but genuinely empowered. By offering equitable deals that ensure a 50% revenue share and providing hands-on support in every aspect of their career, we champion the talent and vision of our artists. Our collaboration with gold and platinum-certified producers and engineers ensures that every project benefits from the highest levels of production, recording, and mixing, setting new standards in musical excellence.

Our vision extends into the realm of fan engagement, offering fans the unique opportunity to earn alongside their favorite artists through innovative token-based incentives. This novel approach not only deepens the connection between artists and fans but also pioneers a new model of shared success in the music industry.

Join us on this journey at G.A.M.E, where we’re not just building a label but a movement. Together, we’re crafting a future where music is the bridge between artistic vision, fan engagement, and community transformation.

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